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Max Rose

We went to see 90-year-old Jerry Lewis in Max Rose. He looks amazing (could that really be his own hair?) & was sharp & subtle in the role of a man who had just lost his wife (Claire Bloom) of 65 years. He finds evidence that suggests she had had an affair 50-odd years earlier & announces at the memorial that his whole marriage was a lie, something that seems particular to men of his generation, or maybe men in general, whose relationships with women to this day lie in ownership. If it had been the other way round, I think most women would say, Men are such assholes, & know that nothing can change the fact of 65 years together & it's bound to have bad as well as good.

And here's why I love Johnny: I read the above to him & he didn't get defensive, didn't take it personally. He has no interest in ownership (of a car or a house, let alone me!).
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