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I can't remember ever being yelled at before. It's shocking. I had a moment of thinking I'd triggered it, but when he said I "provoked" him into screaming, I knew he was a lunatic.

A run-of-the-mill I'm-the-man lunatic.

We're weekly colleagues in a volunteer situation. I'd expressed my displeasure for the umpteenth time with our work conditions, & he told me to calm down, something that is routinely said by men to women to try to force them to modulate or abandon anger, emotion, any largeness. It's controlling, condescending, & sexist. It also doesn't work. I wasn't angry before he said that but I was after. However, I was calm.

He wasn't. When I said, I'm calm, he screamed, You're lying!

On and on in that tedious vein.

The women I've told all get it. The men minimize it, for the most part, or don't see that it's any big deal.

And so the war between the sexes—or should I say the war by men against women—continues.
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