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My Day

I walked down 4th Street on the way to the gym. I like people to see that my neighborhood is an urban oasis.

Since I've been posting so much old stuff, I thought I should show that I'm living in 2016 & not the 1980s.

What did I do today? I finished & turned in an article. I went to the gym. I learned some Torah, none too soon. I washed my hair. I bought an ink cartridge & deodorant. I found out that the Blue Man is aka Gray Dave & is said to be a talented graphics artist. I got this from a friend of his who was standing outside my building & asked if I knew Dave. For some reason, I was sure it was the Blue Man, & it was. I started reading a book called White Trash: The 400-year untold history of class in America, by Nancy Isenberg. Pretty shocking how poor people were treated & even talked about in the earliest days. I went to a meeting & wasn't bored. I did a hundred other things.

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