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I Heart NY IV

Alisa & I had a great long breakfast catch-up at B&H and were beginning our goodbyes on the sidewalk outside our favorite diner. An older lady stopped, possibly purposely, near us. I waited but Alisa plunged right in (her best quality). That's a great umbrella! she said.

It was: purple & beflowered.

The lady said, With this sun I really need it. Then she said, I have low vision—can you help me close it before I go in?

It wasn't obvious & it wasn't easy. We all jumped when the button snapped.

It's worth the difficulty! Alisa said. Kindly: her other great quality.

The lady thanked us & went in, while we admired her style: black sundress with white anchors (dolphins?) around the bottom, her neat flat shoes, her alpine hair.
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