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Stoic but suffering

This is so much more harrowing than I expected. I had gotten the idea that surgery for spinal stenosis meant a couple days in the hospital & then he'd be dancing like a teenager.

He's been there since Monday & no discharge in sight.

I'm happy to sit with him all day. It's like a little honeymoon to be alone together in his hospital bubble. He can't go out so why would I. I hate leaving, I hate being home without him. Last night I thought I heard him coming into our apartment & was so happy.

I remember the bad three months when he was in Bellevue & then rehab. While NYU Medical is a much better hospital, one difference makes it harder: last time I had insurance & legal things to get worked up about & deal with. Now everything is taken care of so I find myself anxious about his healing process: too slow? why the low b.p.? why are his incision sites still draining? Why haven't I seen the doctor?

Is this pain worth it?
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