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Not enough!

Just back from a four-hour lunch & talk with my old friend (from high school, not OLD) Bessie. I have a lot of friends & each one is unique & wonderful, but there is something in going back as far as high school with someone that makes it pointless to embellish or hide. Or maybe it's just how great Bessie is & how much I adore & appreciate her. I love that we skip the chitchat & gossip, and go straight to the heart of the matter. I love that "integrity" is her highest good. I love that we can be unapologetically serious & intense together. I love that we have similar politics. I love that our husbands have a lot in common & genuinely like each other. I love that our fathers played poker together in Sioux Falls (something we found out long after they both had died). I love that we are retroactively building our friendship—that we are taking into account everything from high school forward, that we measure ourselves through all the ways we know each other, from Sioux Falls in the '60s all the way up till now.
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