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Famous friends

The Newly Famous Friend I know is not necessarily the NFF the public does. That people are impressed that I even know this person is just a trick of timing—we were young together. It's as though your accountant's secretary is Art Buchwald's sister—it doesn't mean anything.

Some of, a lot of what people say about her, I recognize, but even when it's true, it's not the real her. But I don't know the real her either—I know only the her that I always did.

This could be a true story or I could be remembering when another friend was starring in a soap opera & got recognized whenever we were out together. Her fans always seemed aggrieved that I wasn't someone they knew.

In a hundred years, only the work will matter. Are we supposed to live for the future? Or the past? "Give it up, I was a track star for Mineola Prep"?

Hell if I know.
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