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This is one of our better boards, with some of the commentary.
Lierati was invented at Blue Mountain Center in the Adirondacks around 20 years ago. It's Scrabble but with made-up words. The rules are that they have to be "real" English words (no "qzvwiix") & you have to provide a definition.

Different schools have developed over the years. Some people make up words that are needed but there isn't already a term for: the scrapings left after a stirfry, for example, or the specific noise made in reaction to a New Yorker cartoon. Others find a definition that goes with the word they've constructed.

Sisters Jane & Ann are of the latter school, & are masters, brilliant & witty. Some words & definitions in the game pictured here:
Ogretti—little ogres
Stojourn—trip taken by a stowaway
Vlogma—the tenets of a religion proselytized by YouTube or Vine
Lefsick—either "homesick for Norwegian cooking" or "not feeling well after partaking in it"
Hympho—a male nympho
Dayjet—private jet available for short-term rental

(We play Lierati as a "challenge" Lexulous game on Facebook.)
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