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I'm thinking of how women tend to feel either vulnerable or invulnerable, neither of which is probably correct. For example, a friend told me that his wife never hesitates to scold people on the street. He thinks she's nuts. I know it's because she thinks no one will attack her, a tiny woman in her late 60s. He's a big man, however, & that's who they would go after. The other side of this is women who feel in danger all the time; they are no better than my friend's wife at reading a situation.

My karate training makes me feel like I wouldn't be targeted on the street—that my walk is confident. I've also learned to take a punch, although in the very unlikely event that I got in a street fight, I'm sure it would not be the kind of hit I'm used to, nor would I be wearing a mouthguard, helmet, or barbies. I like to think that my training would help me recognize an escalating situation & back away.

The best solution: don't go out after 7:30 at night.
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