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Snow globes II

"All month long, temperatures have been so unseasonably warm up and down the East Coast that it’s broken the National Weather Service’s anomaly scale. December 2015 is on pace to become one of the most anomalous months—hot or cold—ever measured in the United States." [Learn more by clicking on the caption.]

I'm starting to worry that the only snow I'm going to see any time soon will be in a globe.

And I put soap flakes in mine. Yes, I know perfectly well that that is not real snow. Real snow? What if we never get winter anymore.

Maybe I'll get to go to an artist residency on a ship that starts in Svalbard, 750 miles north of Oslo. It's a real thing: The Arctic Circle 2016 Residency for Artists, Scientists & Educators. Anyone have a great idea for a project for my application? I suspect I need more than "I am desperate for snow & cold, and I've always wanted to go that far north."

[The article about the unseasonal weather blames El Niño not global warming, by the way, so I feel OK about not saying anything environmental here.]
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