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What I'm reading

It's really too hot to read but I try to get a page in here & there:
* Elly Griffith's mystery series about an English forensic archaeologist, Ruth Galloway, who is in her 40s, has a baby, is overweight (she remarks upon it frequently) & yet all the men are hot for her. Because they appreciate smart, funny, & honorable, it seems.
* Robert Lowell. In truth, I've been carrying around For the Union Dead since I bought it last week, but I haven't opened it. I figure taking it everywhere will infuse it.
* The latest Ladies' Home Journal, mostly because I have an article in it, but the whole issue is bright & well-done.
* Joanne Kyger's On Time. This is the book Johnny & I are reading out loud this summer. When we can bear to be outside.
* Aaargh, there's a big pile that I have felt too distracted & sweaty to pick up: Tess of the D'Urbervilles, the book about the Yiddish books reclamation, something Arctic, volume 8 of the Anthony Powell.....

My sister's in town, which will cut into the reading even more.
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