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I can't keep up!

I went with my friend Alison to Johnny's old church, Xavier, on 16th St. Beautiful building & a brilliant talk by the Jesuit priest, who acknowledged that the church didn't support marriage equality, paused for an unspoken but eloquent "but," & concluded with: "The trending hashtag on Twitter this week was #lovewins#. Hopefully we can all agree with that."

The gay pride parade was half a block away, & although I'm not much for parades, it was fantastic to see so many happy people. Senator Schumer yelled, "Equality for everyone!" YAI was there & SAGE, the organization of older gays, with signs that read "It keeps getting better." My favorite sign of the day was simply: "It is so ordered."

I'm leaving out the cool party at the new Girls Club on Avenue D, & the memorial for Danny Schechter, & Frida Kahlo's plants, & so much more. This week, I'll catch up.
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