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Thinking about

= Meg. I was present at her birth, on this date back in 1980, at Sherri & Rick's house in Ellsworth, Maine.

= Gene Wilder, of the kind blue eyes.

= The sticky weather, kihons 8, 9, and 10, & lunch.

= That the problem was not that my computer is a lemon but that I needed more RAM. I quadrupled from 4 to 16 & all the programs run fine now. Before, not a day went by when one or another "isn't responding" & I would have to force-quit, then restart, often several times. I don't even know what I have: 16 RAMs? 16 somethings worth of RAM? I guess it's like horsepower? A shout-out to Daniel at Dr. Mac, who suggested the fix & did it in a flash.
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