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My day, my life

= Eddie, my beloved mailman, is retiring August 1.
= Eileen is going away for most of the summer.
= My dermatologist said, No one from the office calls you back? No one here takes MY calls.
= Michelle emailed, "I tried to leave and she told me I have to stay because they paid for me to be here" so we didn't get together before she went back to Washington.
= I finished a big batch of work to my satisfaction.
= At the Strand I bought 2 pairs of sock & 3 books: Medieval Welsh Poems, Joanne Kyger's On Time, and the late William Zinsser's highly recommended On Writing Well: The classic guide to writing nonfiction. Never too late to learn what I'm doing, eh?
= The cheese store is moving from Third & 10th to 7th Street between First & Second—yay, closer!—but they had almost nothing on hand this morning.
= I made a plan to go to the Frida Kahlo show at the Bronx Botanical Gardens with Sandy Berrigan in a couple of weeks when she visits from California.
= I just called Karen to make a plan to see her & the girls (Anselm is away) but got her voicemail.
= I watched the opening credits of a young Steve McQueen in Wanted Dead Or Alive & thought about my all-time favorite movie, Bullitt.

Every day I live in my life.
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