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St. Paul wall

Here's what I bought at Ingebretsen's:
* Lutefisk & Lefse lip balm
* Magnetic poetry kit in Norwegian" "over 500 ord med høy ladning ("with high charge"). Slipp følelsene løs, her har du ord ("go texas with these words!")
* A plaque that reads "what part of lutefisk don't you understand?"
* A couple of "uff da" greeting cards.

I didn't buy any of the weird food or beautiful lamps or hand-knitted socks or books of Scandinavian humor, although I riffled through a 300-page tome on lutefisk & learned that a torch singer had once run for governor of Washington on the Lutefisk Party ticket. I didn't write it down, & google doesn't have anything, so perhaps that was more Scandinavian humor.
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