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More Party than Arty

Me, my second Marty, & dimly, Eddie Berrigan
My face looks like that because we advertised ourselves as doing Mud Boxing. There used to be an exfoliating product called Mudd so our suggestive lure had a basis in reality. I fought Rose Lesniak, who kept saying "don't hit me in the face, I'm an actress!" Finally, I said, on the count of 3 let's both just fall down. We did, & everyone yelled Fixxxxxxxxxx! I guess she wasn't that good of an actress. This was part of a Jeff Wright extravaganza at Charas called More Party than Arty. Early '80s.

My second was an ace journalist from the AP named Marty Sutphin, who at the time was in alcoholic exile at Woman's World magazine. He made a shirt for me: Elinor "Bam Bam" Nauen. He took me to Mets opening day a couple of times & eventually married someone even younger than me. He died a few years back.

I met Johnny Stanton because he was my trainer. If I look fierce here—I do!—it's because of Johnny's good coaching. Is it any wonder I married him?
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