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Tim McCarver

Tim McCarver

In 1980 we called him Uncle Tim.
His nicely ruined American beauty.
We were in love with all Irish face.

Memphis voice calling games
knew why it rolled & how to do it all.
His fingers have more knuckles than ours.

Everyone still in love with everyone
Everyone still alive & we had uncles
we didn’t even need.


I helped a little on The Perfect Season, as Tim's co-author, Danny Peary, is an old pal of mine. I'd been at David Wells' perfect game that spring, so they picked my brain about that, & I think I maybe did some other research. It's always strange to have a strand of feeling about someone, for reasons that have little to do with them (the Irish connection in this case: Ted Berrigan & my husband, Irish amadons that I love wildly), then meet them in their real life, where you are not a strand at all, & they aren't either, not really.

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