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What I'm reading (& overhearing)

* Animal Wise: The thoughts and emotions of our fellow creatures, Virginia Morell. Covers research on animal cognition & feelings, with all sorts of surprising findings: that rats giggle when they're tickled, that ants teach other ants.

* Crusoe's Daughter, Jane Gardam. I can't begin to say how good this book is. Beautifully written, surprising, shocking even. She is best known for Old Filth ("failed in London try Hong Kong").

* A George Pelecanos or 2 to clear my head between more demanding fare.

* Books about Barcelona, where I'm headed in a couple of months. With the intention of getting around, a little, in Catalan. The troubadors' language!

Also, I walked past someone saying, "The problem was, that guy gave me hope."
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