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Jane Gardam

Out of the carriage window on the other side of the train, fields stretched out to colourless hills with a line of trees along the tops. The light showing through them made them look like loops of knitting pulled off the needles. The train rocked and my father whistled through his teeth. —Crusoe's Daughter

Here's the first paragraph of God on the Rocks:
Because the baby had come, special attention had to be given to Margaret, who was eight. On Wednesdays therefore she was to go out with Lydia the maid for the whole afternoon. Wherever Lydia liked. So long as Margaret's mother knew of course where that was.

Lal is right, "good" or "great" or "bad" isn't the point. With Jane Gardam, it's more like she's pushed you into a chair & you are helpless to do anything but stay there with her. And you like it.
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