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The House redux

These Air Force (Farce) name badges of friends from long ago are of interest only to me (& a few others), I do know that, but that time in my life is still so alluring & resonant. Everything about it is in my cabinet of fascinations, and if I find (out) something new, I can live on it for days.

I remember so much yet knew so little about any of the guys. Maybe when we were 20 there wasn't that much to know. We had no pasts except ones we barely acknowledged. It was our glorious future that we were getting ready for.

Top to bottom, we have Mike Davis (recently back in touch); Billy McFarland (a fruitless search when Willis was here a few months back—where o where is Billy??); Sam Peters (I think Phil keeps up with him, last living in Texas but possibly in Tennessee; Sam was Samuel Jarvis Peters IV, the same name as the founder (1801–55) of the New Orleans school system—which is where Sam was partly raised; I have & wear (& treasure) his AF shirt); Max Preston (whose father was some big-deal military man); Steve Willis (one of my closest friends for more than 40 years); & Bill Wood (ex-husband of Teresa Durrant; she lives in Ecuador, he's remarried & maybe is still a ski bum?).

I wonder how I ended up with these. I wonder if I'll find more if I do more cleaning (they were in a tin I opened in my New Year's tidying). I wonder how 4 decades passed so fast.
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