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A really good day

Luke, 11
My Torah chanting was fine, the brand-new shul publication I edited got a shoutout (& got mailed out while it's still Hanukkah), & there were latkes at kiddush. In the afternoon I went to a wonderful East Village party, full of familiar faces from the 'hood & a few people I know, in a great high-ceilinged apartment on St Mark's Place; more latkes. Late pizza with my wonderful, adorable, smart, fun, affectionate grandson Luke; man, I love that kid—the main reason I had a good day.

That was yesterday. Now it's the shortest day of the year; they'll start getting longer tomorrow all the way into June. I worked out early, and am going to knock off some $$ work before it's due. I called my mother, deleted emails. Getting ready for 2015 (& very ready to see the end of crappy ol' '14).
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