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Jim Dine & Johnny Stanton

Jim Dine & Johnny Stanton
This was a Valentine's present many years ago. The art, not the guy, who showed up & never left. And likes Jim Dine.

I want to start taking photos of other visitors to my space. Today it was Becca (with Swiss chocolate), Bob (with beatnik tales) & Anselm (his own sweet self).

And I have a subconjunctival hemorrhage, a giant blood spot right in my eye (that's a photo you do not want to see). It freaked me out but it doesn't mean anything since my vision is fine & it doesn't hurt, & could be caused by coughing or nothing at all. Richard at the dojo said drink papaya juice for the enzymes. I've poured so much down that the cold rain (not snow, dang it) is feeling tropical.
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