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My first book, published in 1980 by Misty Terrace Press
Wow, I used to think about cars so much & now they have dropped out of my daily life the way the Yankees dropped out of the pennant race. I loved cars & now I barely can tell one square silver car from another. I used to go fast because I knew the car could do it—I just had to let myself trust it. The last time I drove, in the mountains of western North Carolina, I couldn't do it. My days of flooring every car I get behind the wheel of are over.

When the last car I owned got stolen (in 1998), I walked around saying, I'm a pedestrian, I'm a pedestrian. It was like trying to get used to suddenly being six feet tall. I'm a pedestrian. I didn't believe it, & now I'm not a driver at all. I loved driving, I used to drive cross-country at the drop of a hat, & now I get around on a bicycle.

I'm a pedestrian. I'm a pedestrian.
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