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A nest of hypers

I wanted to walk by the winter ocean. Johnny agreed to go to Coney Island because it meant we weren't going to go away overnight, to Philly. He's a man who knows how to cut his losses. It was 20° yesterday so I gave in & we dashed up to TKTS & scored excellent half-price seats to Kaufman & Hart's Pulitzer Prize–winner: You Can't Take It with You, with James Earl Jones, the lovely Rose Byrne, a great hammy turn by Elizabeth Ashley, & a whole lot more actors having a good time and giving the audience a good time. I suppose you could analyze this 80-year-old play & find the class & work distinctions unappealing, but why bother? It's too much fun to watch this wild family living life on their own terms. Interesting that back then it was the rich guy working day in & day out, & the poor(er) folks kicking back.
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