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From the vault VI: "The Indian Maiden's Head"

This poem is very familiar, but why the quote marks? when did I write it? I suppose it was meant to be an imitation of one of Michael's small heavy objects, but whenever I think I've written an homage, no one else does. I couldn't say within 10 years when I wrote it. I think I like it.

The Indian Maiden’s Head
for Michael Scholnick

“the middle class”
kicking around the reservoir
“is propitious”

When I was a cowboy
what mattered?
Middle class Indians

solemn as formica sit neatly under hair
dryers. These days I gun
for those who look like me

or ritzy highstepping
severance. Just exactly

do you do.
“How long do you expect to stay
married?” She looks like me.
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