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Vote early, vote often II

I suppose I should have been suspicious when I got a ton of email about Charles Rangel but no robo-calls, flyers or email about Carolyn Maloney or Jerry Nadler (they gerrymandered him away from us but he's still ours!). Turns out there are primaries today in only 10 of New York’s 27 congressional districts. I don't get it. What if I wanted to write in Donald Duck? Is democracy dead?

And speaking of gerrymandering, my favorite U.S. history quote comes from Elbridge Gerry. The Constitutional Convention was discussing whether to maintain a permanent militia. He said, A standing army is like an erect member*: an excellent assurance of domestic tranquility, but a dangerous temptation to foreign adventure.
* I have heard it as "penis," but I think he was more subtle.

I'll probably write in Nadler when it comes time to vote for Maloney.

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