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Science wows

I've never been a science guy, which I now regret. It's amazing how people think of things to think about & then come up with experiments & theories. Here's a couple of things going on in the world that blow me away.

Astronomers believe that every star has at least one planet. They think there may be a billion Earth-sized worlds in the Milky Way. For the next two years, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite is expected to spot 20,000 nearby (relatively speaking) worlds.

2) Chemical reaction
Kang-Kuen Ni of Harvard has managed to combine a single atom of sodium and one of caesium to make a single molecule, by cooling the atoms to less than a thousandth of a degree above absolute zero and joining them with "optical tweezers." They expect this process to allow chemists to understand chemical reactions better and to build designer molecules.

There's so many more. In recent weeks I've written about organic solar cells, hydrogels, & many health studies that researchers hope will lead to improved therapies & medications.

Yay, science!
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