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I feel withered & delicate, the neighborhood & its terrible destruction, the helicopters, the gawkers. Instead, a poem, which I wrote for a reading I was invited by Diana Rickard to be part of last week at St. Joseph's College in Brooklyn, in conjunction with an art exhibit called "Home Again."

if you lived here, you’d be Home by now

1) Sioux Falls
Home sweet Home
Home run kid
Home remedies
surviving Home
she’s leaving Home
Home for the holidays
no place like Home
enemies at Home
Home away from home
out at Home

2) Affinities
at Home in the world
Home from the sea
Home is the hunter
bringing it all back Home
when Johnny came marching Home
fly away Home

3) Prospects
Heaven’s my home
my old Kentucky Home
Home alone
nursing Home
you can’t go Home again
coming Home
carry me Home
Feel like going Home
a Home at the end of the world
Home at last
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