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Sunday, Sunday

Did a little work (mostly putting source material in folders), did a lot of to-dos (mostly sending emails), then hung out in Tompkins Square Park with my family: Johnny (husband), Tara (daughter), Celeste (granddaughter) & her boyfriend Bryce. We had ice cream at Mikey Likes It Ice Cream on Avenue A, which was terrific. The place is small with a super-friendly vibe. We had delicious Clockwork Orange (vanilla with orange cake bits & orange glaze swirl), Jack & Jill (peanut butter & jelly), and a couple others with funny names & fabulous flavors.

Then we went across the street to try Empire Biscuits. They're open 24 hours: "Breakfast Lunch Dinner Drunk." I can only guess that the last is their big market, given how lousy the biscuits were: crusty, chewy, flat. Also, a tired condescending air from the cashier, who warned Tara that the New Orleans–style coffee was made with chicory. Yes, young man, you are the only person in New York who is aware of this. Happy?
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