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Giant pigeons

Hard to tell how big they really are
Look! the mutant giant pigeons of San Francisco! I'm going to do a little more bird-watching. I'm trying to do one thing every day this week that is out of my routine. Yesterday I checked out the pop-up food court in the island on Broadway across from Madison Square Park: mostly pork or alcohol, or I would have eaten something.

I might be the only person who played in a punk band in 1979 who still has her hearing. However, I'm semi-blind. I sat on a bench in the Village View apartment complex, & heard quite a few different birds, but could only see "small brown" and "less small brown." Maybe I could have a hobby of bird-listening. It was chilly but otherwise felt like a somnolent summer afternoon, with birds, trees, sunshine & a toddler running in the hasty motion of someone who couldn't even walk a month ago. An older lady said hello & I told her I liked her hat.
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