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The present now will later be past

In his storage space, Johnny found this amazing never-sent letter Ted Berrigan wrote to Joe Brainard back in 1982, so beautiful & heartening about poetry, art, & love, & it made me miss not just Ted but that whole era so much. Feels suddenly like so much is ending & that there's almost no one left from the really olden days who misses all that too. Which I know is nonsense, not to mention nothing to be done about it, but nonetheless it sometimes piles on.

I got that far when what should shuffle up on iTunes but Dylan reminding me that "your old road is rapidly aging—please get out of the new one if you can't lend your hand." I guess he didn't know that mostly only young people hope for the old order to rapidly fade, & as you get older you probably can't help but cling. Even when it's no longer your turn, you can't help but want to block the doorway.

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