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The olden days

Maggie & I went over to NYU this afternoon to talk to someone at the library + a guy who's writing a book about punk & poetry, and wanted to see & hear about KOFF magazine. He also wanted us to watch a video of a reading at a laundromat from the summer of 1977. Eileen said I was in it but I had no memory of it. That's because I wasn't there, in fact. It was just a little before my time. Here's who was, all reading poems while throwing their socks in the washers: Eileen Myles (the organizer?), Rose Lesniak on a skateboard as always, Barbara Barg doing a hilarious Arkansas sermon, Chassler, Bob Holman, Didi Susan Dubleyew, Mike Slater (so nice! what became of him?), Bob Rosenthal & Shelley Kraut, Tom Carey singing folk songs, David Herz, Steve Levine, Gary Lenhart, Simon Schuchat. Only one person we couldn't identify, a girl with fair wavy hair. Maybe she was Rose's girlfriend? We fast-forwarded a lot because we were watching it to help this guy out but it was quite wonderful & I'd like to see the whole thing.
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