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Who, me aging?

I am less despondent about my life running out than I am about the summer passing into September. Seems like short-term thinking but really, I'm not bummed about being in my 60s (early 60s!) (very early 60s!). The Times had an op-ed [click on caption] about the baby boomers freaking over aging. I too have had the experience of being the youngest in the room, & now also of being the oldest. I kind of like it when I'm the oldest. It makes me feel like I won a prize in a lottery I didn't enter. All I had to do to win was be born in 1952 and arrive in 2014. Also, how great that I don't have to compete any longer in the Cute Stakes. Sure I've lost a step or 2, and a brain cell or 3, but I still have enough to have a good time and get my work done.
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