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Sitting at my desk

My office is in a basement & when it's 8° out, my feet are cold. Once I finish writing this, I'll go over to the SideWalk to host Jill Rapaport & Bruce Benderson in Martha King's & my long-running (our 8th season!) Prose Pros series. So I have every incentive to write fast. Which sometimes spurs things & sometimes freezes me (so to speak).

I sit in this same spot almost every day. If I look up, I see Steve's calendar of flower arrangements, a big chart of my "year ahead 2015" inspirations & goals, a $10 Amazon gift card that was a thank you for teaching karate to peewees, 2 cups of cold herbal tea, a blown-glass apple paperweight, & cups of pens. If I swivel to the right, I see a map of the U.S. & a map of the world. If I look up, a lightbulb goes off.

I have this power.
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