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Activism & thinking

So much smart stuff has been said over the last week—encouraging, staunch, consoling. Here are some of the articles & thought pieces I've read & will read again.

* NYC activists & doers talk strategy.

* Step-by-step help in standing up for what's right.

* I too am a coastal elite from a rural state, & I agree that everyone should be held to account for ignorance, no matter where they live.

* I loved this & it sent me straight to the Bard.

* A reminder of what has changed for women & what hasn't. I too have experienced this sort of occurrence & want that to be as inconceivable for my grandkids as separate drinking fountains are for me.

* Raise high the roofbeams, carpenters!

* This is what's at stake for the environment. Our actions have consequences.

* People who voted for He Whose Name We Do Not Speak have a responsibility to try to stop the bigotry.

* Better to act than mope.

* Dire view from a Russian activist.

Patrick McKenna:
Art of the Trump Trap – Negotiate from an extreme position
President-Elect Trump has set a negotiating position on the extreme through his campaign, and Dems are falling for it. STOP!
Muslim ban, 14 million deportations, vulgar language toward women and minorities
Dem leaders, the media, and street protestors are using our outrage at the election to solidify the worst-case scenario for Trump Presidency setting an extremely low bar for him to step over proving everyone wrong once again and destroying what’s left of the Trump opposition credibility.
Dems made the same mistake with G.W. Bush. For 8 years W exceeded expectations by not drooling in public. This left his administration unaccountable, and we paid the price.
Extremely Low Expectations Cede Control: The narrative now is that P-E Trump will do the worst things that he said on the campaign in the same tone. He controls the opposition because he controls his actions and words. It’s a trap.
Strategy 101 – Establish a Win-Win framework
- Win if Trump achieves our expectations
- Win if Trump fails our expectations
12 High Expectations for President-Elect Trump
1. He said, ‘no one is better for women’ – prove it by putting a woman on the Supreme Court or top-tier cabinet
2. He said, ‘no one is better for African-Americans’ – prove it by convening African-American leaders to develop list of priorities for his administration to implement in the first 100 days to address key issues
3. He said, ‘he loves Hispanics and promised to deport 14 million undocumented’ – prove that he can be tough on immigration and be humane
4. He said, ‘he will repeal and replace Obamacare’ – the repeal is easy so prove that he can keep the good parts and lower cost while maintaining access and quality
5. He said, ‘no one will be better for the Vets’ – prove it by fixing the VA and rooting out the corruption that underserves our veterans
6. He said, ‘I will rebuild America through infrastructure investment’ – show me the money. Get this passed.
7. He said, ‘I will protect social security, believe me’ – opportunity to lead against Republican opposition and our senior citizens will pay close attention here.
8. He said, ‘he would renegotiate trade deals and eliminate the $350 billion trade deficit with China’ – prove it. We are waiting to see the brilliance of Trump administration negotiation prowess.
9. He said, ‘the economy will grow 4-6% and he will add 25 million jobs’ – I got this one. Nothing I would love better and I’ll be watching closely.
10. He said, ‘no one better on Isis and smarter than the Generals’ – prove it by laying out the plan and the team that will significantly change the trajectory of the crisis
11. He said, ‘he will tear up the Iran deal and Iran will not get nukes’ – this list just got real. Again prove that he has a better approach.
12. He said, ‘he will restore American respect internationally’ – prove it by leading the world and keeping America out of senseless wars
I want to hold President-Elect Trump is his own highest expectations. We can set low expectations that are easily overcome or high expectations that will be more challenging but if achieved, we will all be better off.
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