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I do love the snow but I was really, really glad to be able to ride my bike today, in 40° weather. Only one ice-slush strip on 19th St, but I didn't go down. Lots of craters—the snow & ice has really chewed up the streets. And I also like that it's beginning to be light out till late enough in the afternoon to feel it.

I'm OK with just about any weather, come to think of it. Whatever is happening now is my favorite, for the most part, except icy rain.

One of my oldest friends loves weather. When he was single, his hopes soared every time someone touched on the subject. Was this The One he would have this important hobby in common with? Nope, it was always just chitchat. He's partnered up for a long time, & weather doesn't come into it.

Which makes me think of another friend, who has a new girlfriend. He'd told me a very specific list of essential attributes so I asked if she met all his criteria. She doesn't—of course!—and that bugs him. I've been with Johnny so long that I can't remember that he wasn't the perfect guy from Day 1. He is now. Everything has fallen off the list except the man that he is.
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