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NauenThen: Something's up & I can't add posts at the moment. The tech people at the Authors Guild are trying to fix it. Back as soon as possible! 

Rio Bravo

We had planned to go out to Queens to watch Rio Bravo with our daughter & son-in-law, whose movie theme for the moment is "siege." The DVD didn't arrive so we had a drink at the SideWalk instead. The main moment I remember in Rio Bravo is when Dean Martin sings the lovely "My Rifle, My Pony & Me," with then–teen heartthrob Ricky Nelson chiming in, his light tenor an embarrassment next to Martin's smooth growl. I suppose I wouldn't have thought so if I'd been an adolescent at the time (1959): I suppose I would have had a crush on Ricky Nelson & looked at Dean Martin as a washed-up drunk. Angie Dickinson plays a character called Feathers.

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