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Busy day

A Hard Day's Night projected onto the brick of a 2nd Street wall.
Got up, went to B&H to pick up breakfast—egg sandwich on challah bread for Johnny, challah French toast for me (& Johnny). Whole Foods for a dozen things they didn't have. Ludlow 99c store for toilet paper, shampoo, coffee filters & a skull bandanna. She calls me "my friend" and always rounds off in my favor. Chelsea for a meeting with a bunch of smart young women. Pilates with Jeremy, who has mostly given up trying to get me to be "self-efficacious," that is, to take off or add springs on the machines. I did roll up my mat, however. Then the Double Yews rehearsed for our gig next week. We possibly have become a real band. I'm excited that someone asked us to play AFTER he heard us.
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