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Steve or Dave?

I have at least 2 acquaintances that I can't remember if their name is Steve or Dave.

Come to think of it, it's probably Dave, because I automatically rename most Steves I know, or the ones I like in any event: One Steve, who I've known since I was 19, is known as Willis (his last name, to be sure). There's a Cookie (he calls me Steve) & a Frankie. It's gotten so I can't always remember their real names.

Still, Steve & Dave seem interchangeable, although I suppose not to them.

My friend Julian (Jules or Julio) is great at nicknames: Felicity, a scientist, became Fiz, I'm Eels or Eelinor (for a reason). I can't think of others right now.

Part of becoming a poet, for many of us, was changing our names. After all, what do writers do but change words into poems & stories? Before young artists realize that that's what they are, they often know no more than that things have to change. We leave home to change our circumstances, and we find or decide on our real names.

Elinor lends itself to so many variations that I left it alone & let others do what they want to it.

Update: I think Patricia = Barbara, Carol = Leslie, & Elinor = Beverly. I know the last because Beverly is what I get called when people can't quite remember "Elinor."
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