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So many good books

3 by friends:
The Herbalist, Niamh Boyce, which is winning all sorts of prizes in Ireland
The Crooked Mirror: A memoir of Polish-Jewish reconciliation, Louise Steinman, which should win some attention here
Disease Proof: The remarkable truth about what makes us well, by Dr David Katz & my old colleague Stacey Colino

A couple or 3 by John Green, a writer I heard of for the first time quite recently; Not in Our Stars is a shattering look at childhood cancer & young love; funny too
Chaucer (dip into him regularly)
Moby Dick (listening as well as reading)—it gets better & better
Assassination Vacation, Sarah Vowell—personality lifts history
Runaway Slaves: Rebels on the plantation, John Hope Franklin, with abundant evidence that puts the lie to any claim that slaves were content
Art & Fear, David Bayles & Ted Orland: on the perils & rewards of making art

And a few more! And a few that I'm about to start! Fun!
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