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Instead of taking a karate class this morning, I retraced my bike route twice, hoping the keys that fell off my handlebar on the way to the dojo would still be lying wherever they fell.

But no, some concerned citizen thought they were doing me a solid by picking them up. Then what? If they turn them in to a CVS or Duane Reade, I'll get them back, because I have those little cards on the ring, and both drugstores say they'll be sure to let me know.

Luckily, Maggie has a spare set of my office keys & I have spares for my bike locks. So it's really not a big deal.

It's the first time I ever lost my keys. I lost Maggie's once, in a cab. She wasn't even mad at me. What a good friend.

Update: My friend Rocky said her mother got her keys back via one of those drugstore cards. So I'm still hoping, though not fretting.
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