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Fabulous Friday: my day

72°, first of all. Finished a bunch of small but pressing projects in the a.m. Did many errands, efficiently: paid office rent, signed the Poetry Project's rent check, bought new underwear, had pierogi at B&H, where Ola, who is Polish, was appalled that I ordered them boiled not fried. She also made me a juice with a little too much very fresh ginger; she & I walked over to the hardware store on 7th St for lightbulbs. Then I bought cat food & went to Block to get a travel size of contact lens solution. The guy who works there thought I was asking for lenses. I didn't really think to question why he had to look up my account to sell me a bottle of solution. Then Beth came out & the confusion was cleared up. She gave me the solution—in fact, tried to give me 4 boxes but I settled for 2. Then I just caught two of my Chabad boys as they were leaving my office so we had a chat and for once they didn't try to explain this week's Torah—instead we did a little back-and-forth language learning. I have a little more Hebrew & better pronunciation & their English has improved by the word "until." I only was unable to find a hard-core baby t-shirt for my heavy metal cousin's new baby. They no longer seem to be sold on St. Marks.
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