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60% fluent in Spanish

I just completed my second Duolingo "tree," this one tainted by them rolling out a whole new system of points & lessons. So far I find it extremely annoying—they claim it adds complexity, but the dozen lessons I did were mostly variants of the same words & sentences, over & over. Maybe in the more difficult lessons, they do add on, but I was hoping to rattle through the earliest ones, maybe even test out (no longer an option). The timed lesson, useful to gauge how much you know when the clock is ticking, now requires an extra step of typing in the url bar to access it, & it doesn't go towards filling the "crowns." It's a messy page with small print rather than colors. I hate peering at things like that. Freegal too has a new design with no option to make the minuscule (8 point?) type any larger. Grrrrrr!
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