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Someone in the building where Johnny works is moving to Florida & gave him a fur coat. Of course he has no idea what kind of fur, what size, what shape it's in, what style. He was pretty surprised when I didn't shudder in horror. I'm a little surprised too. I remember an ankle-length fur coat I must have gotten from a thrift store that I had in my 20s. I wore it for years till it fell off me in disgusting little pieces. It was so heavy, like wearing a sleeping bag with a friend. I'm kind of excited to have a fur coat & kind of horrified that I'm kind of excited. Can I justify wearing fur? Do I have to justify wearing fur? Will my cat freak out? Will my friends freak out?

Update: It's giant & long and a little busted up, maybe because Johnny brought it home stuffed in his backpack—he was afraid he'd get paint thrown on him. I got one "yuk, dead animal" but everyone else was fine with it.

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