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Black Behind Blue

* I am presently in love with Leonardo DaVinci.
I understand that he’s gay.
I also understand that he’s dead.
And that he was a paranoid dyslexic who wasn’t the first man to invent a flying machine. In fact, he was a great pretender compared to the three Banu Musa brothers of Baghdad (9th Century) and their Book of Ingenious Inventions.
But everything was burned in the Crusades.
* The Brethren of Purity, often referred to in medieval theology as the 11 heads of cabbage, lived as one, choosing muteness, communicating only by lengthy letters, one of which argued that the animals of the world mirror the stars in the sky.

* Whose notebooks will survive? snickers Leonardo, beholding himself in the mirror as he writes. Would you choose to swim in a pool made of mercury, drifting among the golden boats with the barbaric Banu Musa Brothers, or would you put your money on me? (I have invented a parachute, but no plane.)
* He who journeys without companions can send his thoughts to dwell in the eternal blue sky or to fall like a stone into turbulent waters.

* He lived on a star called Earth with Water. A star that twinkled like every other.
* I fancy the stars are made of garbage, silence, soap and heavier-than-air vegetables. I fancy purity is much the same.

* Think how small my world would be, he wrote, if instead I stood on another star. The light would cast a different shadow, and my eyes create a different sky.
* Holding my long skirts high, I walk through hundreds of adventures. I dream of a sailor--Baghdaddy-o, a donkey, a raw unoriginal sin.

* The sky would be true-blue. There would be no darkness beyond it.
* Come with me and I’ll make you forget the world you live in and know. I’ll carry you out to that strange land where the game of life is played by different rules.

* On that star, would the sea demand souls?
Would a man make a sword from a meteor, or fill an egg with straw, and light it, and watch it fly away?
* That star is very well & quiet, & stones -- worn out by history -- fall into the air.

* The earth is full of bones of people killed with meteor-swords. They bleed like every other. To die from a bit of the sky, or to die from time passing, what does it matter?
* A dog growls. We can but fear. The dogs have howled--

* I live on a star called Earth with Water. A star is just light. And the speed of light, time.
* When a dog howls, the stars above his head howl with him.

* I go back into the shadows, where Leonardo lives. I bring him crackers, and tell him that he’ll live forever. I bring him bright red ink for his pens.

Maggie Dubris & Elinor Nauen
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