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Reverse mortgage

I thought I should expand outside my block, so I went to the NY Times to see what's going on in the world. I was hoping for a Chris Christie update but the first article I landed at was about reverse mortgages, which are designed to keep people 62 and older in their homes by borrowing money against the value of their homes that they don't need to pay back until they move out or die.

I am pretty sure my 90-year-old mother has a RM but I'm in that huge cohort of people whose parents keep them in the dark about their finances and plans. Which is my mother's right, absolutely, as long as I'm not left holding the bag, by which I mean doing the legal, financial, & cleaning tasks she should have done.

Johnny & I don't have wills, so I'm not one to talk, & I can't assume that I'll live to 97 like all the women in my family. Let's talk about pleasant things, as a long Roz Chast story in the March 10 New Yorker had it.

Oh, was this about me, after all?

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