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Some personal history

A fun thing in Sioux Falls was to go to the airport, Joe Foss Field (named after the WWII flying ace, American Football League commissioner, former governor, and possibly South Dakota’s most famous native son), and watch the plane take off or land. I’d say planes, but it wasn’t exactly a bustling airstrip circa 1960. We kids weren’t allowed sugared cereals, pop or candy, but at the airport we got to buy a candy bar from the machine (a nickel, I think). I always got a Twin Bing, "the cult candy of Iowa," made by the Palmer Candy Company, of Sioux City, a family-owned business for 135 years. The Bing is cherry nougat surrounded by chocolate and nuts. A lot of people think it's gross. It's the cult candy of me & my sister Varda too, and we:
* have based a card game on it (The Great Game of Bingelbumpf)
* own TB shirts, coozies, hats
* are trying to win a tour of the Palmer factory.
There's more but I will save it for later. You will be too covetous.
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