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Frida Kahlo in the Bronx

Characteristic Sandy Berrigan: getting a close look.
For all the Frida Kahlo immersion I've done, including a visit to her home in Coyoacan, Mexico City, I never noticed her plants. A show at the Bronx Botanical Gardens leads you wonderfully into her intentions to showcase indigenous plants and in fact all things Mexican: a cactus fence, the cobalt blue building reimagined from her parents' staid French-style home. Her father was German & I empathize with the 1st-generation daughter's desire to be more native than the natives.

We also saw fabulous orchids, daylilies, conifers, lotuses, ferns, and more at the Gardens.

And easy to get there—MetroNorth 3 or 4 stops, and the Gardens are a few feet away.
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