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Small confession

The quicker I get this written, the faster I can go hang out with my sister Varda, who's in town for just a couple of days. Naturally, thinking about running over there—she stays at the Comfort Inn on Ludlow Street, the best hotel bargain in NYC, with a lovely staff—makes it harder to bear down & get this little piece of writing in the book. I suppose I could say I made it to fight class today, which is always more fun when there's a few women, & fun too to see the more junior women (& men) improving. I could say I have a sore throat but hope it won't develop into anything further. I could write that I have my fingers crossed for B&H to reopen soon, & how grateful I am to Varda & some other people who donated to the B&H fund, and don't even know those guys but who see the importance of protecting a neighborhood, even if it's not their own neighborhood. But I can't concentrate to do any of that so I'm just going to run down to see Vee.
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