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Art oh dear

I wanted this blog to be the means of encouraging myself to do stuff like go to the theater and look at paintings. How'd that work out? I missed the entire Fringe Festival this month both here & in Scotland, where I was invited by my cousin Meg—who is from Aberystwyth, Wales, but lives in Edinburgh, and is the mother of my namesake, Elinor Evans, a clarsach harp player and fiddler. Johnny should be writing this: He not only hit a Fringe show every other day, on his day off this week, he went to look at some art in the West Village, because he thought it sounded like it might be good. Me, I pretty much only go to things I get dragged to or are by people I know. However, I have been having adventures (more anon). He has really smart opinions on everything he sees too.
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